Documents tagged with Schooling

Application for funding under the Investing in Our Schools initiative and associated Guidelines for State Schools.

Guidelines for the application and approval of a new school system

Guidelines for approving new non-government school systems (Appendix D of the Administrative Guidelines).

Guidelines for the operational requirements for approved school systems (Appendix E from the Administrative Guidelines).

Guidlines for existing non-government schools undertaking operational changes.

Heads of Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the state of Victoria on national education reform.

Guidelines for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Innovation Fund for the period 2010 to 2012

Provides guidance for new non-government schools for recurrent assistance.

A document which details the name and address of every tax payer funded primary and high school (public and privately run).

Mathematicians in Schools (a sub-program of Scientists in Schools) program involves practicing scientists & mathematicians in partnership with teachers and their schools on...

Ministerial Schools Funding Reference Group Minutes

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy, 1996.

National Evaluation for the Low SES National Partnership and the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership - Impact Stage Final Report


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