Gifted Education Professional Development Package

Using the Package
All modules in the Package contain a pre-test for teachers to determine what they might already know. They also contain a practical component with case studies and tasks for teachers to demonstrate that they have understood the module before moving on to the next one.

The modules contain an overview of current research about particular areas of gifted education. This research, in plain language, is illustrated by cartoons, case studies and examples of how it can be applied in the mainstream classroom.

The modules cover all levels of schooling: early childhood (the initial years of schooling), Primary (later years of primary schools), and secondary (secondary school). The modules are also ordered according to whether a teacher is in a rural or urban school, teaching in the classroom or involved in school administration, or whether the teacher is working alone or undertaking professional development in a small group or whole school situation.

Coloured Icons throughout the modules allow quick identification of research, case studies, information and activities according to individual needs.