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Advice on 2012 CCMS IT changes.

How to report fees through CCMS.

Sustainability assistance - advising of LDC/OSHC automation.

This fact sheet provides an overview of all the system changes that will be made to the CCMS in June 2014. Updates to implement these changes will be progressively rolled out...

Advice on reporting notifiable events through the CCMS.

Child Care Management System (CCMS) Fact Sheet 2 June 2014 - Process changes for returning fee reductions that cannot be passed to a family.

Report key personnel information.

Report obligations for Home based carers, hours of operation and fee amounts.

Define rules around CCMS access.

This fact sheet contains information on changes being made to CCMS for the Inclusion Support (IS) claim process to come into effect after 16 June 2014, including:


Changes to Operational Support Payments for Home Based Care.

Child Care Rebate and changes to payment methods.

Child Care Rebate calculations.

Software upgrade.

Operational Support Payments for Home Based Care.

Outlines the fitness and propriety requirements for people managing community organisations, schools or local councils that seek Child Care Subsidy Approval.

The CCS Helpdesk public holidays and close down information for the 2018-19 Christmas and New Year period.

Certificate or Application for Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) For a Child at Risk when a service is eligible for Child Care Benefit (Service SCCB)

Certification of Compliance with Australian Government Advertising Guidelines for Phase Two of the New Child Care Package Campaign

The Australian Government is bringing forward measures to strengthen the integrity of the child care payments Compliance Framework to ensure the delivery of high quality,...


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