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Application form for the 2014 Australian Competitive Grants Register.

2014 HDR Student Load and Completions (in ODS format)

The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) is a dataset that records research income earned and valid publications published by Australia’s Table A and B Higher...

2014 Research Income and Publications Data by Sub Category (in ODS format)

The finalised listing for the 2015 Australian Competitive Grants Register

2015 APA Conditions of Grant

Late Applications for the 2015 ACGR

2015 IPRS Conditions of Grant

2015 JRE Conditions of Grant

2015 JRE process calculations

2015 Research Block Grant Allocations

2015 RIBG Conditions of Grant

2015 RIBG process calculations

2015 RTS Conditions of Grant

2015 RTS process calculations

2015 SRE Conditions of Grant

2015 SRE process calculations

The report of the National Research Infrastructure Census for 2015-16 and 16-17 provides an aggregated picture of the use and outcomes from National Research Infrastructure (...


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