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Activity test preschool exemption

Additional information about the Child Care Subsidy activity test which ensures that subsidised child care is available to support families who rely on child care to work,...

Explains the types of approvals child care providers must obtain to administer Australian Government child care fee assistance, as well as how they align to each other.

Outlines the fitness and propriety requirements for people managing community organisations, schools or local councils that seek Child Care Subsidy Approval.

Provides information on the governance requirement for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approved providers and the relevant information required in an application for CCS approval.

Information on the Child Care Safety Net, a key element of the new child care package, including the Additional Child Care Subsidy, Community Child Care Fund and the Inclusion...

Explains the fitness and propriety requirements that apply to child care providers and their personnel for Child Care Subsidy Approval.

Explains the minimum operating periods for child care service types under the family assistance law and provides information on the cirumstances where these may be reduced for...

Explains the requirements that providers and services must meet to receive Child Care Subsidy Approval.

Explains the requirements for Child Care Subsidy Approval applications regarding an applicant's legal entity, ultimate holding entity, trustee and ABN status.

Explains how to obtain your child care software activation code which is required to connect your child care software to the Child Care Subsidy System. Can also be used if the...

Child Care Subsidy Assessment Tips

Explains the different types of services that can be granted CCS approval under the family assistance law.

Identifies the persons and details of relevant roles that must be included in a CCS Approval application or change of circumstances application. 

Explains how the Secretary will decide if a service approved as centre-based under the Education and Care Services National Law is A Centre-based Day Care service or an Outside...

Explains how to submit an application to add a new child care service to an existing provider approval.

Provides instructions on how to generate a report on the enrolment status of children

Provides services with information about the new child care package and the key changes that will affect them.

New child care Package - Poster

Key information of the new child care package, including details about the Child Care Subsidy, the Child Care Safety Net and the implementation timeframe.


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