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This strategy outlines the Department of Education and Training approach to maintaining the financial integrity of all child care funding under the Child Care Package. 

Printable version of the Child Care Provider handbook.

Information on the Child Care Safety Net, a key element of the new child care package, including the Additional Child Care Subsidy, Community Child Care Fund and the Inclusion...

Child Care Subsidy Assessment Tips

Provides services with information about the new child care package and the key changes that will affect them.

New child care Package - Poster

Key information of the new child care package, including details about the Child Care Subsidy, the Child Care Safety Net and the implementation timeframe.

Information on the new Child Care Subsidy System, including the Families Portal, third party software and the Community Grants Hub.

This presentation now reflects figures indexed by the Consumer Price Index and the policy change of withholding decreasing to 5 per cent, all effective 2 July 2018.

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