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The Australian Government has announced the establishment of a new National Institute for Learning and Teaching to begin on 1 July 2016, replacing the existing Office of...

Admissions Transparency Phase Two Common Terminology and Information Sets Dec 2017

This outlines the Australian Government's response to the recommendations made in the final report for the Review of the Higher Education Provider Category Standards

This document is the consultation draft for the 2017 Admissions Transparency Implementation Plan

Final Admissions Transparency Implementation Plan

This document provides a series of frequently asked questions and answers on the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement.

This document provides guidelines for the presentation of the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) and sets out how the overall AHEGS and its sections...

The following guidelines are to be used by applicants applying to use the word ‘university’ in their name, where it is clear from their name that they are not purporting to be...

Admissions Transparency Implementation Plan Stakeholder Consultation Summary

July 2018 update – admissions transparency phase two common terminology and information sets 

Mocked-up examples of both the whole-of-institution and the program/course information sets are provided for reference. These are intended to demonstrate how institutional and...

Student learner guide

Student with work and life experience learner guide


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