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The department's Annual Report is presented to Parliament each financial year. It provides an overview of the department's activities and performance.

Document about the number of DEEWR credit cards and the total expenditure of DEEWR credit cards for 2010-11.

Breakdown of DEEWR Electricity Charges by State for Financial Year ending 30 June 2011.

Senate Order 13 requires agencies to produce a list of appointments made and vacancies to be filled for DEEWR Portfolio Bodies.

Senate Order 13 requires agencies to produce a list of appointments made and vacancies to be filled for Department of Education Portfolio Bodies.

The Senate passed a motion by Senator Brian Harradine containing a detailed Order for the regular tabling in the Senate of lists of departmental files.

Departmental File Reference WR11/006116

This document provides details of appointments of officers of the Department made under Acts (other than APS employees within the meaning of the Public Service Act 1999).

Documents relating to Optometrists and Optical Dispensers and the Skills Shortages List.

All documents concerning the proposal to appoint, and the identification and selection of, an administrator for the Health Services Union.

Education of children in immigration detention

This evaluation looking at (a) the effectiveness of the Success for Boys Program in achieving its broad objectives (b) the Appropriateness of the Program (c) the efficiency of...

A copy of DEEWR's current signed delegation / authorization / permission for all powers to make decisions under the FOI Act and a copy of the last 5 signed delegations /...

This module contains the essential information a teacher needs to understand the nature of giftedness and talent; what the terms mean; levels and types of giftedness. It...

This module covers a range of subjective and objective identification procedures that can be used by teachers and schools. It pays particular attention to procedures which are...

This module is designed to help teachers understanding the social and emotional characteristics and needs of gifted students and the ways in which gifted students may differ...


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